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A Girl and Her Omnipotent Cat

Becka and Zac
17 August 1984
Welcome to Becka's el-jay! Please keep hands and arms inside the vehicle for the duration of the tour.

About this journal: Back in the days of invite codes, this journal started as a place for me to keep in touch with real life friends I didn't see often enough. That's still largely what it is, and for that reason, I keep my flist small, real life stuff flocked, and fannish stuff public. I want everyone to feel like they can talk to me here, but I'm still pretty scared of the vastness of the internet. And for the record, zac is a beanie baby cat. He is not a) real, b) my boyfriend, or c) anything to do with my life in fandom.

Things I write fic about: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, RPF of various sorts, other stuff (links to my tags because I am not cool enough to have a sticky post)

Sometimes there's smut here, and if you're under eighteen, please please please don't read it. I use ratings and warnings on my fic and art, and I ask that any reader of this journal take both of those things into consideration.

General Disclaimer: Let it be understood that I am not and have never been JK Rowling, Eric Kripke, Warner Brothers, or anybody else with ownership rights to the characters and worlds that appear in my fanfiction. I use them without permission, and make no money from my fannish endeavors. I do not condone or endorse any act that causes harm to a child, or advocates causing harm to a child. The people I write about are fictional, and are therefore not children. In cases where the people I write about share names and characteristics with real people, the stories themselves are still fictional, and I do not claim that they bear any relationship to reality.

Words to Live By: "If you are allergic to a thing, it is generally best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats." - Lemony Snicket, The Wide Window

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